Trainer Difficulty set to 100%, I didn't do it [October 2021]

i have issues with trainer difficulty being at 100% despite it being changed to make getting up the alpe easier

elite direto trainer
windows 11 i5-1035G1 8gb ram
latest version of zwift
ant+ and bluetooth

first issue i found was that the trainer difficulty had gone to 100% from 50% since Tuesday, didn’t use the laptop yesterday and when dropping this it didn’t change the difficulty at all, even on around 15% difficulty and in the granny gear 34/28 i was having to get out of the saddle on the 10%+ sections

loaded the game on my android phone and the setting was working correctly and and the same trainer difficulty was using 50/23 without issue

so for me there are issues with the game and windows 11

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Thanks for flagging this issue. I’ve split it off into its own thread because it’s probably not related to Windows 11 use.

Same issue here.

Windows 10, Kickr Core.

Trainer difficulty keeps resetting itself to max.

If anyone else reports this issue, please tell us:

  • OS platform you’re using
  • Zwift game version (ex. 1.17.x, it’ll show during startup)
  • Trainer brand & model


The only difference from Tuesday, when it was working fine was the update to Windows 11

I’m going to roll back to Windows 10 to see if the same happens

Experiencing the same issue as described below on the other thread

I am on Kickr V5 connnected to a laptop. I had exactly the same issue, that is to say the change of trainer difficulty during a ride is not taken into account unlike before.
I always do my race WU in 0%TD and then switch to 50% for racing. It did not chnage gradient feel at all.
I did some test after with 100% TD and if you exit/launch the game with this parameter it will remember it but you can’t modify it after during the ride.
thanks Zwift team for fixing this!

Rolled back to Windows 10 and lo and behold it’s working as it should

Definitely a Windows 11 issue

Thanks for investigating, that data point is useful.

It’s also happening on Win10 machines that were never updated to Win11, so it’s not exclusively a Win11 issue.

Adding to the thread that I believe I experienced this issue two days ago, but I’m running Zwift on an iPad. I reported it over in the thread about Wahoo KICKR reversed gradient (in Known Issues), because I thought it might be related. But it sounds like what Ludovic described - my TD was set to about 60% when I launched the app, and I changed it to max before starting to pedal, but it was obvious when climbing the Alpe that it was not set to max. I double-checked, before saving my ride at the end, and it was still set to max. Haven’t done another ride since then, yet, so I can’t report on whether or not it will now have “saved” the TD setting of max.

Running app v1.17.0 on iPad OS 14.7.1

Hi all - we identified the issue that caused this, and are working to verify the fix.

At this point, we anticipate having the fix for this in the next major game release (version 1.18.0)


In my case this is working fine since last 2 days. I also noticed that the setting menu has been back to previous design (there was a slight design change when not working).
thanks for the fix!

I’m still seeing this issue or something similar. I’m able to spin up climbs and have to stand on the pedals to descend, I’ve never felt the resistance go so high. Flats sometime feel right or they feel like another climb.

I’m using a Kickr with Zwift 1.18.1 (1.0.85684) on Windows 11.

Check out this thread:

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just started having this problem with the difficulty setting reverting to max all the time. im using an Elite Direto through a samsung s21 android version 12 screen mirroring
. zwift 1.19.2

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Hi I am very frustrated by the issues I am experiencing on Zwift. To be paying 17 euro a month is a lot when the issue isn’t being resolved .for a couple of weeks now when I’m cycling a flat course it feels like I’m cycling up a hill.
I have tried down grading to the previous version of wahoo with no results.

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I have the same issue

Using Samsung S20 phone
Android 12
Tax vortex trainer

I am also seeing my difficulty stuck at 100%. I am using a Wahoo Kickr and Apple TV, both updated to latest version (zwift v1.21.2).

I can adjust the slider in settings, but this doesn’t affect anything in the game and when I reopen settings it goes back to 100%.

Same issue. Using the Samsung galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and the Wahoo kickr bike. Trainer difficulty at max and when adjusting it mid ride it makes no difference. Go back to the settings and it’s back at max.


Have exact same problem with Wahoo Kicker Core and samsung TAB A8.
Right now i erite with the support and it dosent hive me some solution of the problem.

Same for me, Kicker 5 on an iPad