Trainer control glitch

First thing: I absolutely love Zwift! I got imidiately hooked and now I’m looking forward to every indoor ride which I used to hate doing. However, last night I think I discovered a glitch. Funny thing happened yesterday when my wife was running on Zwift on the treadmill next to my trainer. The trainer picked up the terrain from where my wife was running (both with regards to road feel and incline). So my trainer picked up the terrain from my wife’s Zwift and at the same time my Zwift read my power just fine. As my wife was mostly running flat, it felt like I was riding a “dumb” trainer. Strange, right?

Hey Carl this issue would be best handled by our support team. Please submit a support request and if possible include any log files you can.

Here is a link that will walk you through sending your log files to us

We will eagerly be waiting on hearing from you so we can dig into this issue! :smiley: