Tour of Watopia [October 2023]

Power ups are doubled in ToW events, but not in free rides.

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Wasn’t mentioned anywhere. I see the ZI article mentions that, I guess the official announcement isn’t intended to give full event details.

Also the +40xp is white in free rides, not yellow as described in the first post. Nothing about “in events.”

“During a ride where you are earning double XP, the XP indicator will be yellow and show that you are receiving a higher amount.”

We are currently aware of an issue impacting members receiving Double XP during Tour of Watopia when riding routes as a free ride, workouts or club events. Group rides are not impacted and members will receive the double XP during a group ride, as intended.

We will be crediting members who earned double XP during a free ride, workouts or club events within 24 hours of completing a ride. Please do not reach out to support to receive missing XP.

A fix is currently being worked on and we will provide an update, once available.


Well clearly not everyone does as I didn’t. But I see that Amanda has posted later saying there is a bug and not everyone does. Maybe next time rather that point blank disagreeing you should ask under what circumstances the issue occured to see how it was different to your experience?

I tried a few routes on freeride over all 5 stages and they are all giving 40xp per km except Watopia Flat, that one only gave 20.

  1. It’s supposed to give 40xp 2. I personally experienced 40xp 3. other people in chat riding were also getting 40xp (though now that this comes up one person mentioned not getting it)

Instead of point blank complaining that ToW doesn’t give double XP and then being mad at someone for saying it does, maybe point out that you did a ride, didn’t get double xp, post what platform you did it on, and ask if there might be a bug involved.

To be ultra pedantic your ride did earn you 40xp/km, you just have to wait a few extra hours to get the xp.

@manda_F I don’t think the run events are set up correctly. They state an option of 2 courses,

World: Watopia
Route: Mayan Bridge Loop
Laps: 1
Distance: 10.8 km / 6.7 mi

World: Watopia
Route: That’s Amore
Laps: 1
Distance: 6.4 km / 4 mi

But there is only Pen E with the volcano route

hey @E_McClenaghan_RACE3R :wave:

For Stage 1 and Stage 2, there is only one option. The remaining stages will have have a standard and short option.

This issue has now been fixed and Zwifter’s should see progress awarded properly!


Are the Race Watopia events for the monthly weekly race series part of ToW or separate? As I got double XP in the race for the two laps of beach Island. It also shows I have the cap for finishing stage 1 of ToW when I have not done that yet?

The event descriptions are wrong for stage 1.

They are listing the routes for stage 4: Jungle Time (I’m not sure if this is just a copy and paste error from the last tour earlier in the year or if Stage 4 this year is the Jungle, either way it’s still wrong. It would be funny if it wasn’t for the fact that this copy and paste error seems to happen every single year).

This is on the sign-up page at zwift website as well as on the companion app descriptions.

I was quite surprised to join the C cat event and find out it was the Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop instead of the Jungle Circuit.

From the event description at Tour of Watopia Ride 2023 | Stage 1 - The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

Stage 4: Jungle Time
Keep your eyes peeled and your safari hat at the ready! You’ll see plenty of wildlife under the cover of the jungle canopies as you unlock more XP, longer PowerUps, and new levels.

Long: Big Loop
Laps: 1
Distance: 42.8 km / 26.6 miles
Elevation: 662.9 m / 2,175 ft

Standard: Road to Ruins
Laps: 1
Distance: 29.9 km / 18.6 miles
Elevation: 275.8 m / 905 ft

Short: Jungle Circuit
Laps: 1
Distance: 13.8 km / 8.6 miles
Elevation: 99.7 m / 327 ft

Women-only: Road to Ruins
Laps: 1
Distance: 29.9 km / 18.6 miles
Elevation: 275.8 m / 905 ft

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The issue affecting double XP during Tour of Watopia when riding routes as a free ride, workouts or club events is now resolved.

Please make sure that you log out and log back in to Zwift to ensure you are receiving the double XP.

For members who earned double XP today and did not receive it during their ride, you will receive credit within 24 hrs. Another update will be posted once the credits have been processed. As a reminder, you will not need to reach out to support to receive the missing XP.


Hey guys,
I am pretty new to Zwift and I am still discovering an learning how things work.
Can I do the Tour of Watopia while I am in a workout?

Still nothing happens when clicking those cards and searching through the companion app is a complete mess; given that I would like organize my rides on the web or in the companion app, but that I would not like to sit in my garage where my Zwift client computer is – how do I sign up for events?

Yes you can do ToW “on demand” meaning you just pick one of the routes, do either a free ride or a workout, and you should get credit toward completing the series.

Since you’re new I also recommend joining one of the Tour of Watopia group rides just to see what it’s like. There are usually large fields with some people going hard and others just out for an easy spin, so you should find some people to ride with. These big tours only happen a few times a year.

One potential downside if you do ToW using workouts and your level is less than approx 44, you miss out on the tour’s double XP, that opens up many of the faster frames and wheels to buy with accumilated drops.

Was hoping to collect some double XP while riding with a robopacer in Watopia, no such luck.

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Thanks Aoi - caught this last night and we’ve remedied it and verified all stages have correct copy. Appreciate the tag here!

For Apple TV users still not receiving double XP, The fix that we implemented yesterday will require you to force close Zwift on ATV or you can also restart ATV. Directions to force closing apps on ATV can be found here.

For Zwifter’s still waiting on credit for double XP, we are still working on issuing the credit. An update will be provided here once the credit as been processed. As a reminder, you will not need to reach out to support to receive the missing XP.

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I selected Figure 8 from the Tour page as an on demand, and was routed on Hilly Route.
I couldn’t remember if Figure 8 went up the KOM first or not, so I initially wasn’t concerned when it went up the KOM.
I thought something was wrong when I didn’t see the route progress banner, and when I was not receiving double XP, but thought it may still be a glitch on my system, but I continued on.
When it routed me up the KOM again, I stopped the ride and selected the “C” route.
That one worked with double XP and routing without issue.