Tour of Watopia 2019

“7 Stages of Watts and Wonder”

Flat expansion? Maybe some other surprises?

Edit: Courses and surprises!

Stage 1 - Road to Ruins: Everyone rides a TRON bike!
Stage 2 - Volcano Circuit: ?
Stage 3 - Jungle Circuit: ?
Stage 4 - Figure 8: ?
Stage 5 - Tempus Fugit: ?
Stage 6 - Watopia Flat: ?
Stage 7 - Fire & Ice: ?

My guess is the flat expansion. I’m also expecting some enhancements targetted at racing.

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Is this tour like Tour the Zwift?

Yes, but all 7 stages will be in Watopia. For example, here is a link to the 2018 Tour of Watopia

Hopefully one of the 7 stages this year will include the long awaited Watopia flat expansion.


This made me think of The Boy in the Bubble by Paul Simon.

These are the days of Zwift watts and wonder
This is the Watopia call
The way the Tron bike glows in the moonlight
The way the blue thumbs rain down, Ride On!

Or something like that. :smiley: