Tour Events ... Times

Would it be permissible for upcoming Tours that we change the event times around.

It sucks only being able to ride or run at certain times only for there never to be events on for that time.

If the events are every 3 or 4 hours then one day they could start from 1am then the next day from 2 am and so forth for the 3 or 4 days of tour. Giving everyone a chance of finding a time that suits.

Yes, why is there a 3 hour gap in the morning UK time, 5:00am then next one is 8:00am?

But in UK evening time they are every 30mins, I don’t recall this 3 hour gap last year in the mornings.

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Quite frankly, I find it unacceptable that,despite having to pay the same fees as everyone else, I cannot get the same diversity of choice. I paid for this service, yet I am being denied access due to my schedule? If its going to be an hourly ride for some, it should be an hourly ride for all.