Tour de Zwift 2022 FAQ

I’m missing stage 6. Just completed it. Funny thing was, about 10 minuyinto the stage, all the other riders disappeared. I could see that there were 400+ other riders in the stage on the right side window, but mine was the only name visible. I suppose the good news is that I won all the jerseys… Can you help? Thanks!

Thanks! I’ll do that. Appreciate it

All the other riders disappearing is usually due to a dropped internet connection. You need the connection to be active when setting up the ride and saving it at the end, but can ride solo in any world you like, with the internet connection inactive/turned off.

At the end of the ride it will not save (hence you won’t be credited with it) if there is no connection at that point.

Hi @Korina_Dickinson
I’m not sure if you worked this out yet. You can start a ride late - up to 30 minutes after the start time - When you open Zwift, logged in and connect your sensors as usual, you’ll then see the ‘upcoming events’ in the top right of the screen. You can join using those links.

Enjoy the ride!

I saw it on Serpentine 8 route, on the newer connector road, also.


I have the same problem today and I could not join the TdZ Ride that I scheduled for 11 am though I was online and spinning (TCI 2015 course) for 10 minutes…the top right window showed that the ride would start in xx minutes but the prompt never came to join the ride. Closed Zwift and restarted again but same problem Eventually gave up. I have Asus router with Astrill vpn but that has not stopped me from riding last 6 stages…for today’s ride I never got a prompt. THIs has happened before and I gave on that ride too. I see this port-forwarding solution many places on internet but seems like Zwift is meant for IT guys only who can do this. For others like me you are lucky if it works otherwise looks for some other platform…so disappointed.

Hi @Anil_Soni

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It sound like you were in the home screen waiting for the ride to start? You need to pick any route n=in any world and start riding before the event as a warmup, you will then see a prompt in the bottom left to join the event.

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First TdZ here so newb question…

Stage 8, Category A: The Longer Ride shows the route as “2022 UCI World Champ” but seems to be a variant of NYC Knickerbocker.

If I already have the Knickerbocker Route badge, this doesn’t “earn” me anything (other than a good workout), right? Like, there’s no badge, no real history of having done it (unless perhaps it’s on Strava).

Unless they make this an official route in Zwift then there won’t be a badge for it.


Sorry for confusion but my message was to confirm that I had registered for the ride before starting the ride.

Of course I was in the game AND riding (Innsbruck) but the ride start time came and gone but the prompt didn’t com. I closed the Zwift completely and started the app again on my MacBook. Then it showed that ride started and that I could join but when I started to ride I just remained in Innsbruck.

Hope now it’s clear to you.



That is decently weird. It is probably best to open a support ticket.

As a side note, if that happens again that you are riding and the join does not appear with in 30 minutes of the event. Then open the companion app and unselect the event and reselect, that usually fix the problem.

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I had a similar issue yesterday, though it was with a Meetup/Club Ride, if I recall correctly.

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ : the unselect/select trick worked for me - good tech tip there if this ever happens!

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Is anyone else seeing this discrepancy?

I’ve ridden the available stages 1-7 so far. That’s reflected correctly in Companion:

However, when logging into the The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App pages at the same time, the results are shifted up one:


Thanks @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ will try that trick if this happens again. But I really think that it may something to do with port-forwarding as I am using Asus router with Astrill VPN (need that where I live :wink:) so I am trying to learb how to open the ports which were mentioned above. Problem is that though I understand basic router setting etc this one is not clear what to enter as service/IP/Port/etc. to allow those ports for Zwift.
By the way I chatted with the support online and after sharing all the screenshots etc. I was told to uninstall and reinstall Zwift :roll_eyes:

Hey @Anil_Soni if you havent seen this already, hopefully it will be useful.

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Last time i was in jungle dirt. I think, maybe stearing in gravel…there is hard pack gravel and lose gravel and sticky wet gravel ex. Why not have stearing to stay on harder surface. Stay on frontpac and you can see the road. Peloton will stick on IT. Tons of way to go #zwiftdewelopment

Hi, just ridden the Castle to Castle route on TdZ. There is a very short gravel/off road section, probably only about 2-300m, that you ride through twice on this route. Each time it slowed me down hugely, dropping me about 300 places, though everyone else flying past me was on similar road bikes, even Tron riders weren’t visibly slowed. In fact, it looked like it was only me. Was this right? I was on a Trek Emonda with DT Swiss ARC62 wheels.

I’m seeing on Stage 8 events the B Standard rides are “one lap on Knickerbocker, 22.9km total” while C Shorter rides are also, “one lap on Knickerbocker 9.9km total” but the route map/animation is identical to Cat B, and the graphic still lists it as 22.9km total - which course is the Short Ride following?

C is 9.9 km on Knickerbocker. B is a whole lap on Knickerbocker.

That doesn’t sound right.
The off road section has a higher rolling resistance and will slow everyone.
People on a smart trainer will feel more resistance. Many will not bother changing gear and put out more power for a short section of off road. You’ll see the wkg numbers of people around you increase.
If you don’t match this, then you will drop some places. Though 300 places sounds far too many.