Tour de Zwift 2020 Running FAQ

Agree, while 5 miles is doable for me I was kind of looking forward to a short 1.9 mile course that I could go flat out on.

Please don’t reduce the distances. Just make a shorter option and go longer on some stages (like 12-18km).

The biggest issue I’m having @shooj is the fixed times. I’m EST and my options are 3pm, 6pm and 10pm, every single day. Why can’t the times move around by an hour each day? I actually can’t figure this out, makes the running seem like an afterthought.

If I recall correctly last year, the Tour de Zwift times DID switch an hour every day.
For example, if they were on even hours one day, the events would be on odd hours the next.
That made it very easy to schedule.
Many of the events are at 4PM, or 6PM, and neither of those times really work well for me.
4 is too early, I’d have to leave work early, and 6 would have me eating the evening meal way too late, or riding or running just after eating the evening meal.

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I had a weird problem with Stage 6 (Saturday, 3pm PST). I ran it, everything seemed fine both in the game and saving it. Even told me I set a new 5k PR. When I checked both on and the companion app, it gave me the correct pace and time, but only showed a little more than half the distance and did not give me credit for completing the stage.

Same thing happened to me today (Monday 7.30am in UK). I even got the email notification that I had completed the stage.

Hi @Chris_Davis_7662
Welcome to Zwift forums. I go you! I do see that you completed the 5k.

Here’s something I noticed: you used an iPhone on that day vs. an iPad earlier that week. When you alternate between two devices to run the app, it’s super-critical to log out cleanly from one device before logging in on the other. If you have two instances of the app logged in at the same time, weird things happen.

Moving forward, please make sure you’re exiting the app (manually force-closing it will also terminate the session) on the device you’re not using before logging from the other.

Hi @Lindsey_R Got you too!

Coolio - thnx!

Thanks Shuji

This may well have been asked already, unfortunately I am new to Forums and the like…, in order to complete TDZ, do I need to either run, or cycle all of the stages? At present I have cycled 4 and ran 2. Wondering if I need to hit the catch up days (on the bike!)

@Rory_Follett welcome to the forums. You can ride or run any combination of the stages of the tour. However, from what I remember, in order to get the cycling kit for completing the tour you need to ride all 7 stages and to get the running kit you need to run all 7 stages.

I could be not remembering correctly so I’ll ask @shooj to chime in to confirm/clarify


You have that right! To complete the running tour, you’d have to complete all 7 run stages. Same with the cycling TDZ.

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Thank you @DKE_Watson and @shooj . Guess I’ll have to look out for those catch up days for cycling, catching up on all the run stages might be a challenge, I have cycled 4 and ran 2!

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Hi, I did not register for Tour de Zwift but have completed all 7 stages. No t shirt awarded it seems, is that due to not registering? Too late now perhaps?

I completed all stages during the make up dates but never received an email after any of them, and I don’t see the kit in my garage. What can I do?