Tour de France: Unchained

OK, so this may be sort of off-topic but… anybody else watch this on Netflix?

I’d heard it described as “trying to do for le Tour what ‘Formula 1 Drive to Survive’ did for F1 racing.”

I’ve always enjoyed the Tour but this seriously took my interest to a new level. I loved seeing the team-tactics and behind the scenes footage. I knew the riders were good but I have new respect for their athletic ability and professionalism.

Real-talk: it got me riding Zwift more. I’ve done a couple of the new Climb Portal climbs and was definitely empathizing with the TdF riders who had to do those. (since the portal climbs are GPS-accurate)

Would Zwift be interested in a more general “bike-related” sub-forum? I mean, It’s not directly Zwift related but I feel like general “bike culture” discussion does get people riding more, including Zwifting. FWIW, I’ve Zwifted more this summer than I have in any previous year - dedicated bike on the trainer, if weathers too hot/cold/rainy/windy, it’s super easy to just hop on and ride.

Why did you put this in podcasts :thinking:

TdF Unchained was great. I’ve been watching the TdF since the 80s and loved it. It didn’t teach me anything new about the TdF. However, I loved getting the different camera footage/views and especially liked getting some rider focus revealing more of their personality. I can’t wait for season 2.

The climb portal is cool. Adding the TdF climbs to the portal is both awesome and smart :ride_on:

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