9-minute Zwift ad - I ain't even mad

I meant to post this a while ago but life happened. Seeing the Zwift Insider Paris-Roubaix Femmes avec Zwift post prompted me to get on it.

Late February, I was looking something Zwifty up on YouTube and an ad for Zwift pops up. Cool cool, already a paid subscriber but I like your stuff, I’ll pause for a minute to watch… NOPE! 9 minute ad? Buh?

Specifically, this one: Zwifting with Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio - Leading by Example

I was intrigued enough to watch the entire thing and holy heck… that’s great content. Super inspiring athlete, great cinematography - whole thing made me feel like I could ride straight through brick walls. Also a great lead-in to the UCI Indoor Worlds - loved watching that too.

Any other great Zwifty media? (already subbed to GPLama’s channel, DCR, Zwift Insider)

GCN has Zwift stuff sometimes.


a few podcasts out there

Nowhere Fast
Never Going Pro
Zwift Powerup Podcast

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Oh yeah, I forgot about ZwiftCast! That’s a regular listen for me…I’ve even gone through the entire back-catalogue. I’ll give the others a try - thanks!

Big shoutout Mike: I’ve gone way down the rabbit hole and polished dozens of episodes of Never Going Pro (and am now a member of DIRT, which I used to think was a gravel riding league), as well as Nowhere Fast.

Listening to the last 5 minutes of Nowhere Fast, Episode 10 today, they referenced what I think is “Tour de Dumb”. Any idea what that’s about? (Zwift, maybe Strava shenanigans early in the pandemic from context?)

@Mike_Swart_W was that something KBH made up? I can’t remember.

It’ll be sorely missed. :cry:


Yet another one of Kevins fad workouts :joy:

Tour de Dumb - Ride all of the Tour de Zwift stages in one make up day.

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Sad to think there won’t be more content. :worried: What happened? I remember Simon sharing some details about health issues. I hope he’s doing OK. (ditto Shane and Nathan)

LOL! OK, that would be an epic workout. Did he pick ONE route per stage or do the Cat A, B, C, D for each? :smiling_imp:

Simon has a health condition* that’s made it impossible to continue, so the upcoming episode will be the last. It’s possible someone else will pick up the reins but it wouldn’t really be the same. :confused:

*He’s shared it elsewhere, so I hope he doesn’t mind me saying so.

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Oh wow, I hadn’t heard that, terrible news!


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