Tour De France On Zwift?

Hello Zwifters.

Hope you all are healthy and safe from Covid-19.

As for now it looks like the virus is spreading like fire in almost every corner of the :earth_americas: (with no corners). This is not a globe/flat earth discussion​:joy:

My question is…

I don’t know if this has been brought up before, but
would it be possible to have the Tour De France on Zwift if it gets cancelled this year?

That questions should be asked to the organizers of the Tour.

Not sure it would be very realistic. Zwift is mainly about power to weight. It doesn’t have (in my opinion) the best physics, eg drafting, braking. Also it doesn’t take into account the riders skills on the road that set them apart from us, bike handling (esp cornering), downhill madness/bravery. Also no cross winds, no rain. ‘Natural Breaks’ would be interesting! I think we are still a long way away from any realistic racing on a computer platform that anyone would be interested in.