Top ten wish list for cycling and running

  1. Average Watts for your ride in the Companion App. I would become a better cyclist if this was an easily viewed metric.

  2. More levels. 100 for cycling, 50 for running. This is a game after all.

  3. More challenges. Ride around the world (distance)! I think Zwiftinsider has suggested this too.

  4. The ability to delete items in your garage, I’m an organization freak.

  5. More Extra Credit badges. e.g. 200 miles in one ride, 50k in one run, 25 laps Champs Elysees.

  6. All time PRs. At least for some routes like AdZ or Tempus Fugit.

  7. More double XP events. It’s fun. Tour of Watopia is such a blast.

  8. XP bonus for completing a mission.

  9. More hidden routes like Repack Ridge. It’s so cool to ride that.

  10. Boston Marathon route. It’s very unique and because of the April race date people try to recreate it on the treadmill all the time during the winter leading up to it. It would be huge.