Top accessories?

It would be great to find out what people have thought of for use as unconventional accessories.
I have three that I use every ride and maybe you do too.

  1. Shoe dryer. I use a shoe/boot dryer to dry my shoes because they fill up with sweat every ride. Where I live things don’t dry outside so using the dryer means my shoes get dried and don’t stink as often.

  2. My reaching stick. I drop stuff. My reaching stick saves me having to yell for help. (I have a back up reaching stick in case I drop my primary reaching stick.)

  3. Dog training pads. No more lake of sweat.

If you have an out of the box accessory idea please share it.

I would say mine is:

  1. Keyboard with track ball mounted on my handle bars, makes typing and interacting easy.

  2. Power strip with individual switches mounted to the desk next to me so I turn on the trainer and fans while riding. the desk is also handy to store things like water bottles, coffee cup and snacks.

  3. Wireless headphones with 20hour battery life. Nothing as annoying as having the headphones die while riding.



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Awesome. Thanks.
That power strip looks like a row of surprised people.


An alternative to mounting and having to flip switches on the regular power strip is a ‘smart’ power strip. Plug everything in, tuck the power strip away and control it from your phone. This works especially well for those cold winter mornings when I dont want to turn my fans on right away. I can get started and as I warm up, turn them on.


That is on my wanted list, it will be nice hiding a bit more wires.

Got one of these and it is awesome. Mine is linked to my google home so i just ask my virtual assistant to switch on the fan and the lights while i’m riding.

Until you wake up one morning, try turning everything on, and then you hear, “I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.”



I know the, too cool for fan at the start - too hot for no fan at the end, ride all too well.
I took the more low tech approach of a remote control fan.
(My latent paranoia keeps me from having devices listen to me all the time.)