What do you use to shut of your trainer

So I have a kurt kinetic smart trainer and I a TacxFLUX 2 Smart trainer. Not the most expensive trainers but not the cheapest. And what I don’t understand is no power switch. In all the engineering why no power switch? To expensive to add? What does everyone use to shutoff your trainers with no power switches?

I don’t shut off my trainer (Tacx Neo 2), I just leave it plugged. It’s not really using much power when it’s not being ridden, so I don’t worry about it.

I meant to add that to my question. As I seem to forget to shut mine off often

My Kickr Core, laptop computer power supply, and fan are all on one extension cord. I simply unplug it from the wall. I specifically asked Wahoo if I should leave the Kickr Core powered up or unplug it. They said from a performance standpoint it does not matter. All of these items draw so little power when idle that is also basically of no care. They recommended unplugging though to avoid any power surges that could damage the unit. So I do only because it is easy to do.


Considering how expensive they are, I would think a surge strip would be worth the investment anyway really!

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I have a TacX Flux S and I leave it unplugged when I’m not using it. I have no particular reason for doing it. It’s just a habit I formed. lol

My H3 goes to “sleep” after 5 minutes of inactivity. I think the power draw is so low as to be immaterial.

All the Zwifting setup is on a power strip. The power strip is switched off at the end of the ride. It’s unplugged when there’s a thunder storm.

An extension cord with a switch (just for the trainer, because other things are powered from elsewhere). I suppose there aren’t really any trainers with a proper power switch.

Power strip with individual switches mounted on the table in front of the bike, that way I can turn my fans on when im ready and turn everything off ehen done.

I just unplug it