Titanium Strength TS2 Indoor Bike

Hi, could anyone tell have they come across the Titanium Strength TS2 Indoor Bike, is it compatible with Zwift? Many thanks

It looks like it could connect to Zwift, BUT it seems Zwift does not support that indoor trainer. There would be no power curve for it and your speed within Zwift could be off.

Supported hardware: https://www.zwift.com/hardware?__znl=en-gb

Hi Paul, thanks for the response. I’m new to this, so just starting to test options. I have a road bike but trying to avoid the turbo option as I want other members of the family to be able to use the bike. I assume as long as I can connect cadence and speed, then I just adjust resistance manually on the bike depending on the Zwift terrain and effort required? How / what is the power curve you mention important? Thanks again.

Read this: https://forums.zwift.com/t/how-does-zwift-determine-my-speed/

I would suggest getting a supported indoor bike.

Makes sense, and if the bike isn’t supported then I guess you can’t select it during setup which means accuracy will suffer?

Can you recommend a bike that works?


Read the first link I posted, it has supported indoor bikes listed.

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If you are set on a non-supported bike, get a spin bike that costs half of the Titanium and put some power pedals on it. You will still have to manually adjust resistance but at least your data will be accurate.