Tired of an hour's uphill to start every ride!


I use a Whaoo Kickr Power Trainer with Zwift.  I very much enjoy it, generally, and I value the interface with Strava, giving me a full record of my rides, indoors and out.  I have no way to be able to affect the course once I start riding, since the laptop is too far away (with no way to have it closer.

But I am finding it discouraging that the first hour or so of EVERY ride, regardless of the course it chooses, includes a 2000 foot climb; this isn’t so bad when I’m riding for 90 minutes or more, as it evens out over time, but it pretty much sucks to go only 9 or 10 miles in an hour (and proportionately less in a shorter ride), when I would go much farther outside, even with hills. 

Is there a way to have a 30-60 minute ride with a whole lot less uphill? 



Mark, you can select the course before you start riding… Probably it now defaults to Pretzel, or Mountain loop, something that starts with the climb. Select one of the flat alternatives before you start riding.

You can also use the Zwift Mobile app to control when and where you turn.

Thanks; very helpful.

It almost always does Watopia, which involves a long ride up a volcano.  It used to mix in London, which has much less hill-climbing, but doesn’t anymore.  I’ll make sure to choose my course.

What other courses are fairly flat, so that I’ll be even in elevation in a 30-60 minute ride?


Route details: http://zwiftblog.com/route-details/