Tired legs or trainer issues

Hello to all,
Writing to you from Switzerland and looking for advice.

I am using a Qubo Smart Digital B+ coupled with Bluetooth to my mobile phone Samsung S20 set on a Quadlock holder when I zwift.

No issues with connection or connectivity.

January, February and until mid March I was flying on such routes as Innsbruckring or NYC 6 train ,Watopia Waistband or even London Greater Flat. Always over 30km/h average.

Since mid March I am glued to the road and not advancing. Today in London Greater Flat only 23.9 km/h average . Terrible…

It could be tired legs. Outdoor rides are the same i noticed with a lower performance specially on the smallest inclines.

General physical tiredness is one answer.

Or did I touch by mistake my trainer settings? I am not very clueful on this aspect.

I will check also pressure of back tire.

I am 180 ftp since always.
Has anyone experienced such a sudden change?

Thanks for your help.

Regards from Geneva.

Jordan Mavridis

How often do you ride per week? Have you had a good rest/break? Do you just ride (steady state) or do you do workouts? If your outside performance is dipping maybe need a break - how’s your Hr looking? Raised resting Hr can be an indicator of fatigue.

Around the end of February, I noticed my performance was dropping off quite badly, and dipping into the 20s and 30s in Crit City races where I often podium was a cause for concern.

Decided to take a couple of weeks off the bike (and the outside bike) altogether and that pretty much resolved the issue. It is very easy to overdo it, even if we don’t think we are.

You should calibrate your trainer on a weekly basis.

Thanks for your reply.
Three times a week, that is two on zwift 2x 25km and one outside 65km. Coming out of winter here. Naturally with summer coming up the riding will increase mostly outdoors
I ride steady .
No I have had no rest or break since beginning January 2020.
And what is Hr?

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Thank you. How do I calibrate my trainer?

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Probably you are right. My concern was to have every strava week filled since beginning January 2020. And now I am paying this…

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Via the Elite myETraining app.

Hr - heart rate. Often if you are tired, your resting heart rate will be higher than usual.

I think maybe a week off will help.

Also maybe try some workouts on Zwift that push you in different ways - there are many to chose from.

Thank you…here enclosed is the photo of current calibration status…what do I have to press?

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