Tiny Race league table

Despite never been close to winning a Tiny Race series in Cat D, I would be interested to see how I fared over the 4 races. Is there a way to view a league table summarising the scores of all participants in each Cat division over the 4 race series?

Go into ZwiftPower
Select Leagues
Scroll down to bottom and select Zwift Insider Tiny Race Series (Z1)
Sort by Cat D

Results of the 4 races shown in points order.

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Ian, brilliant. When you know, you know. Also able to confirm my outstanding performance coming first in the non-existent 70+ category!

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Ian, I want to see Female Only results for my Category, can I do that? When I skim results one race at a time I can see the female symbol next to names, but cannot filter to see only females, then when I go to overall results for the Tiny Race Series, I can see I was ranked 44th in Cat C, but I cannot see my female ranking. I finished 2nd, 2nd, 4th, and 2nd female in Cat C (I think), so it would be nice to see how I ranked among females only in the final results.


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I’m sorry to say I know of no other method than the one you have already used. As you say sort by Category, find yourself and then look at all those above you to see how you faired against the other females.

As you probably noticed on the sort by category report you don’t get to see the female symbol so makes it a little trickier, but still possible.

Please be aware that on the results page you quickly scanned the female symbol to check out your opposition. Two of your competitors have the female symbol hidden by their team name. You were all very well grouped in the first race with one of them one below you and the other three places above.

From a quick check I think you will find you were placed 4th, which is an excellent position as the three above you have 100s of races under their belts.

Race On.

[yet another Edit - answer is shown lower down ]

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Clicking the “Women” button can work too :wink:




Is that on a laptop or pc? I don’t see that option on my IPad which is where I do almost all my research.

PC - that explains why you didn’t mention it as I was sure you would have picked that up even if you hadn’t known about!

edit: shows on Android too

Funnily enough I had seen the option to sort by category previously (didn’t notice women option as I didn’t need that option) and have not been able to find that option since. Clearly I must have used my laptop on that occasion.

I sort of had a feeling ZwiftInsider wouldn’t be trawling through results looking for ladies names ! :joy:


Ah with old age comes a bad memory. I have now remembered I have made exactly this mistake before, and relatively recently ! (OMG just realised answer is in 2nd post of this thread - from ME!)

@Megan_Albin1 - There are two ways to sort your Zwift Tiny Races. You have probably sorted from the results page - don’t.

Go into Leagues Tab
Scroll down to bottom and select Zwift Insider Tiny Race Series (Z2)
Sort by women and Cat C.

Deja Vu.
As they say at my age I can hide my own Easter Eggs and really enjoy looking for them 15 minutes later :joy: