Time to drop FB?

FB groups have so much going on - Zwift related. I even moderate one!
How can we get away from FB and how can this be as accessible as FB. I have to make an effort to come on here.
It would be great if this was the default place for all Zwifters.

Ride on,

1.2 million drops. I’ve spent a million on stuff I can’t understand why I bought them! (Just like real life).

I have never had FB. No interest whatsoever!

I would also venture to say that this forum is more accessible than FB. Why? Because you do not need an account to view/read this forum. However, for many FB groups, you need to be logged into FB in order to access the content.


Facebook is atrocious for almost all purposes. Their algorithms mean that people miss huge amounts of stuff, and anything that gets a bit of a hook is the only thing that gets seen.

However, unfortunately people are already “on Facebook” for a multitude of other reasons and have to make no special effort to check somewhere else. So, sadly, it ain’t going away any time soon.

The only thing Zwift could do to try and push people here is to stop engaging on other platforms, I think. No Facebook or Reddit at least. Could probably get away with keeping Twitter and Instagram, as they’re not the same sort of application.

Also, of course, we continue to use Facebook and Reddit. If community personalities stopped posting there too, that would help seed a move (I’ve done it in the past when I cause a breakaway group in a forum community to leave with me - but I’m not a notable personality in this community =) ). But again, ain’t gonna happen.

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I have an easy solution for you. [Deleted by order of MOD] :wink:

Well, actually this could be done. The questions to ask: is this the real priority of Zwift now; what are the real long term strategy of Zwift, are they including e-sport only plans or virtual-social development aspect also?
And I’m totally for such a system where there is only one social place for the whole Zwift community. (this doesn’t mean, that clubs, communities, people could not use FB or any other social system outside Zwift…, this is just a choice)
Here is an example of such a plan to develop a whole One Social Eco-system for Zwift:

p.s. and such a system is not “forcing” someone to leave FB or other social network, it is just creating an opportunity and naturally people will stay with it if the whole social experience is satisfied within one system (PM to your friends inside Zwift, social groups and space inside for clubs and communities end so on, so naturally no need to go elsewhere when all the needs are satisfied in one place)

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Facebook brings out the worst in people. This forum is far more accessible and encouraging than the Zwift riders group on Facebook.

ETA: unfortunately the forum doesn’t have anything like FB groups where teams and group rides can organize and consolidate their social network. In that regard fb is more accessible. But you have to put up with all the online activism when you look at fb. I don’t do much social networking on fb because all the bs wears me out.

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