Let’s take it off Facebook

I’m very keen to leave Facebook behind. What’s the chance of closed groups on here to replace the Zwift FB groups?

I think it’s wishful thinking, but I may be pleasantly surprised.

You can leave Facebook if you want anyway. But Facebook has some benefits that means plenty of people won’t go with you no matter how much you want them to.

It’s utter wankbiscuits for conversations etc., yes, but it’s something people are using anyway. They don’t need to make any extra effort to find Zwift stuff. That makes it easy for people to use.

It should be noted that there have been at least 2 attempts to get independent Zwift forums off the ground. As far as I know, none of them have taken root and reached critical mass.

Totally agree take it if Facebook
I don’t even have a Facebook account.
Not sure what you mean by closed groups.
I think communicating everything using this forum is a great idea. But I wouldn’t like to see the the clicky group thing happen where you need to be invited to a closed group.
That would just split the Zwift community.

I guess it depends on what the closed group is.

For example, a private team group seems fair enough. Then there is the “women only” group. I can understand the reasons for that.

Note that the facebook groups aren’t going anywhere. None of them are ‘owned’ by Zwift.

There is certainly less need to go to FB if you can access this forum.
Although Zwift have no control over FB content but they do over this forum. Not suggesting they would use it but they could if they wished.

Agree with the OP. More and more people find FB just annoying.