This Season on Zwift [April 2023]

hope we will be able to mark riders from other teams that we want to keep track of… maybe this will work in tandem with WTRL’s SBP’s next season?


So… the FAQ’s where not updated when I looked earlier but they have been now, which partly answers my question on Coffee stops… the logic outlined in the FAQ’s seems fair.

It would still be good to know if this is going to be a selectable option (to enable/disable on an event by event basis which meets criteria) or is this is simply determined by the event setup (Race / Group ride / Workout)?

I’d still like more clarity on Rider Highlight functionality.

Thanks again!

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Is a portal climb visable in the Zwift world?

@manda_F I like the sound of all the new proposals and can’t wait to try them out later in the summer.

Just a quick question on the Coffee Break - is there a reason why the group must be a minimum of 5? I can think of 2 situations where this might not be ideal:

a. Free riding with just one or two friends. ( I do this occasionally)
b. Riding with a very small Robo Pacer group. (I don’t do this as they are generally too fast !)

Many thanks.

This stuff looks great! The ability to warp to a different person breaks the strava concern of linking up Paris/France, London/Richmond/Innsbruck etc. So linking smaller worlds into larger ones seems like it’s getting a bit more possible.

I’m not sure I understand the climb portal - though I am looking forward to it. Is there a reason those climbs weren’t added to the worlds? Is it meant to be a climb-only area that becomes it’s own larger world? Is there more work done to make those climbs more engaging such as the segments on the Alpe de Zwift etc.?

For the Spring Training, they do describe the workouts and give the time lengths, but it would be nice to see the actual workouts with target wattages ahead of signing up for it.

Edit: I missed that one FAQ question/answer on the climb portals. It does seem like an entirely new experience which is why they need the portal. Looking forward to more info on it:

Q: What will the environment inside the portal look like? Will the climbs look like what they look like in real life?

A: Zwit has created a completely new visual experience that gives you the chance to focus on the climb, and enjoy the company of other Zwifters. We can’t wait for you to see it!


These both sound great!

As I was saying in Rider teleport, I hope this is a precursor to enabling us to ride between worlds in a single activity. Any previous opposition people might have had to “teleporting” and straight lines on Strava activities has been undermined by these two features anyway. =)


Is there a minimum period between uses?

e.g. if I use one at 34 minutes which then rolls on to minute 37, could I then take another one immediately and have a nice 6 minute break? :smiley:

(The numbers might be off, as I’m not sure if the first 5 minutes counts as part of the first 30 minutes, but you get the point I’m sure)

Lots of awesome stuff here! I’m especially looking forward to the Climb Portal and being able to teleport between robopacers. It’s not a huge deal but I think you shouldn’t get XP or drops during a coffee break (free +20-40 XP at the end of every ride), and emotes don’t deserve any attention beyond removing them completely (I always ride with sound effects off… does anyone actually use the emotes?).

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Yes. :ride_on:

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I assume it would be a 30 minute cooldown after a break sees the only sensible way of doing things.

This is intriguing, on Climb Portals:

Q: What will the environment inside the portal look like? Will the climbs look like what they look like in real life?
A: Zwit has created a completely new visual experience that gives you the chance to focus on the climb, and enjoy the company of other Zwifters. We can’t wait for you to see it!


I’m guessing some sort of magic road type environment where they can create new climbs easily from gpx data rather than the previous months of work used to create a detailed climb like the alp.


This seems probable, but if so I hope they’ve done a much better job than RGT did with their “magic roads”. Those were pretty poor, in my experience.


yep nice idea, but bored me to death visually and actually split the community a lot with everyone doing their own private road.

Zwift portal sounds just like what i was suggesting last year if they could easily create new climbs and rotate them weekly/monthly i think would interest a huge amount of zwifters.


The wording here suggests there are already more than these two that will be rideable.

What are on people’s wish lists? =)

Les Lacets de Montvernier would be cool, but I’d love to see something from Italy and Spain. The Stelvio seems a candidate. Maybe the Mortirolo or Zoncalan as well-known Italian routes.

Spain might see us riding the Angliru or Sa Calobra.

Outside of Europe, maybe Mt Washinton, Baldy or Evans.

Also, it might be short but I’d like to practice Hardknott Pass. :smiley:


Yeah, I guess that if it’s just the climb that they’re building, without having to construct a whole map and roads leading to/from the base, they could still do it manually and to a high quality yet within a relatively short timeframe.

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I wonder if it’ll mean that the GPX coordinates of these portal-only climbs can then easily be transposed onto their actual real-life location (on an individual climb basis); rather than being an extension of the watopia/france gpx coordinates in the South Pacific.

Really excited for a lot of these. Club Functionality with the Keep Together is going to be huge.

I like a lot of the suggested tweaks being posted above too (being able to select rider highlights on or off for example), but I’m eager to see all of this implemented.

Nicely done, Zwift staff.

Available after the first 30 minutes of your ride (with the free 30 sec in the first 5 minutes). It’s free to use any time after that first 30 minutes, with the 30 minute cooldown happening any time after you use it the first time. For example, if you don’t use it till an hour into your ride, you’ll have to wait 30 minutes to use it again.


Agree could be easier.

Wattages can be seen (mostly) via the Companion App by clicking on the workout segments picture in Events.