This Changes Everything! (and questions)

I just did my first ride, and after years on the trainer, I can absolutely say I’ve NEVER had so much fun! I have a few questions, is this the best place?

Can I calibrate my CT after I start a ride?

Is there a place which explains everything I see while I’m riding? There is a lot going on that I don’t understand (I don’t always recognize beginning/end of a sprint, what’s with the circle with changing pictures on the top left, how does one move up/down the list on the right, what’s with the +10 or whatever that shows up sometimes, etc)

3.Dashboard shows activity, but it isn’t reflected under miles logged.

Strava upload failed (I hit save and upload)

ANT stick is only for HR, right? (I have a CT) The ANT isn’t registering, but if it is only HR, it doesn’t matter.

THANK YOU for creating a fabulous thing!!


Hi Susan,

  1. There is no way to do this within Zwift at the moment.

  2. The circles represent power-ups that you can use. The “+20” numbers represent your “Zwift Points” that you earn as you ride.

  3. If your Strava upload failed, most likely there was an internet interruption issue. We auto-save every 10 minutes now so you might get “partial” added to your Dashboard.

  4. The ANT+ dongle is for *everything* as we only work with ANT+ and not Bluetooth. Obviously the CompuTrainer doesn’t need it as it plugs in directly, but other trainers (such as the Wahoo KICKR) transmit all their data via ANT+.

Please feel free to check out our “Common Zwift Questions” post at the top of the forum here:

Additionally, our Knowledge Base has tons of answers for your questions here:


Thank you!!

I do see “partial”, and wondered what that meant. I guess it means partial save or upload. 


Keep up the good work!!