Unhappy new user

Using companion app on android (samsung galaxy j5) dosen’t connect to HR meter (garmin HRM3.SS), phone connects without any problems with free app from play store, so phone ANT+ is working.

And strava upload is not working either.


Great job zwift…


The Zwift Companion App only bridges Bluetooth, for ANT+ you would need something like CABLE

You can manually upload your .fit files to Strava.

PC and Mac: \documents\zwift\activities

iPad and iPhone: https://zwiftinsider.com/secret-feature-how-to-access-your-list-of-ride-fit-files-in-zwift-for-ios/

Or you can download them here and upload them: https://my.zwift.com/

It fix the auto upload to Strava try disconnecting and reconnecting to.

Just seems like a waste of $60 when the phone is capable of reciving ANT+, unless it’s not possible to recive ANT+ and Bluetooth at the same time…

Have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the strava connection/authorisation, hope it works after next ride.


Thanks for quick answer :slight_smile:

We definitely want you to be able to enjoy Zwift to the fullest, so while we work to expand our connectivity options with Android, here are some options for you to get going!

- Use a Bluetooth bridge for your ANT+ device, mentioned in the second half of this article.

  • Use a different device to broadcast your ANT+ gear to, that meets our minimum requirements with an ANT+ dongle, such as a Mac or PC :slight_smile:

If you’re still having issues with getting your rides to Strava, feel free to open a ticketwith us so that we can look into things for you. 

Ride On!