There is something fishy with Category Enforcement

Category enforcement is a huge step forward.
But when you are running in the wrong direction every step forward is a step backwards.

Stop using categories. Start using an elo-rating. Like every other good video-game.

  • I want to join a race and not a category.
  • My elo-rating (initially based on my “critical power/FTP” and changed by my race results) should put me automatically into a group of riders with similar rating.
  • And the number of groups for a race should be based on the number of registrations.

The actual problems (for cat C,D) i noticed during my category enforcement races:

  • Less motivation (less registrations) for riders just above the limit
  • Heart rate sandbagger
  • Smurf-accounts for racing
  • Zpower or inaccurate exercise bikes
  • heavy weight riders shouldn’t win mountain/hilly stages
  • heavy sprinters should win sprints
  • low weight riders should win mountain/hilly stages

It’s way to easy to abuse a system with fixed category limits.

For example:

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