The incredibly demotivation state of current KOMs

So yesterday i was cruising around in London, nearing Box hill, knowing i have previously done some solid efforts on it i was thinking of going for a PB attempt…
I see the red starting line and start pushing the watts, as soon as i pass it the Box Hill KOM box appears to the left, for me to realize it was in feb i went up, it is over 30 days since and I have no way of knowing if I’m on track to beat myself, i kept pushing but what a hollow feeling!
Furthermore i started wondering how far i had to go, yet again no indication of it, not untill 500 meters to go pops the KOM box with time and meters to go, WHY? Why are these things not shown all the way, why can i not also see my all time PBs on a KOM? I finished my Route (which also btw has no distance/time indication), think this is the last time I’m trying to push my self in such a demotivating setting.
Rant over. Just fix it.

I agree, 30 days limit doesn’t make sense…

Please NO (unless I’m able to toggle it off easily). As I’m not going to beat my PR at every ride, I don’t want any “pointless” KOM box to be blocking my view. I do a lot of my rides in easy/middle pace, thus have no interest in any KOM info. Just my 2 cents.


People have been flagging this for years.
You need to just go and check Strava.

I agree with both of these

Yes - 30 day PRs are annoying. You should at least be able to choose what you see.

And no - I don’t want to see the countdown box on every segment - it stresses me out

Agree sometimes I need motivation sometimes I’m just out chillin not worrying about pb but trying my hardest on that particular day

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I have a Raspberry Pi that I use to go to ZwiftGPS, that shows my Strava PRs, as well as a ghost dot along the segment.

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