The fence


does anyone have any idea when the fence is going to be fixed or is it being taken out all together ?

Did you not see [Update on the status of the Event Leader Fence]?(Update on the status of the Event Leader Fence)

No will check thank you

Could really do with it back!

I can’t believe the fence is still down. This is ridiculous.

Anyone know??

Surely its better to wait than try and use something that’s not 100% tested?
We just need to be patient, ride leaders miss it more than you do trust me.


Yeah its not like there is a global pandemic going on or something…

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Why do you need the fence? Ride with the leader and let the flyers go. They pay their monthly dues and can ride the way they want. It’s just a game people, put it in perspective. Do you want a rear fence and knockout the riders that can’t keep up too?


It should be there as an option. Rides that want to use it can, those that don’t want to use it can ignore it. Everyone’s happy.

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Why join a group ride and not ride with the group?
Or why join a D group and fly when there is a C or even B group ?


It’s not always that simple. As an A cat rider, I join in many B cat group rides that are quite hard. Then others are way too slow. There are also no A cat “group rides” only races. When I want to race I enter A, which I’ll do every week usually. The B, C and occasionally D I use for training rides and never ride off the front. But I have been in C group rides that are harder than B!

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I can see why you might drop a group but A into D? Whenever you are in a group you affect the dynamic of that group even if you don’t ride off the front.

Richard, there are many A cat riders that use B, C and D for group rides. They don’t do them to easily finish in a high placing but as part of an overall training program. My comments on fences were not directed at C and D group rides.