That shadow in the headlight?????????

(Sherman Heydrich) #1

Ok this is starting to bug me…what is that weird shape supposed to be that you see as a shadow in the headlight on some surfaces.  Its not always present but when the bike headlight shines on some things its a wierd character or something.  Has almost an arrowhead on one end-pretzel shaped a bit.  It looks like if you traced your finger on the light lens cover or something…Any one have any ideas on this?? Thanks

(Rich Deakin) #2

It’s your shadow from the guy behind you. 


(Sherman Heydrich) #3

Hi thanks for writing but that cant be it.  It looks more like a backwards “K” with an arrow on one end.  Given the quality of the graphics I’m sure they would do better…but thanks for throwing it out there!!