Teleport to bottom of Watopia KOM for long climb training?

I know there are many folk out there, like myself,  who would like the ability to ride very long climbs in Zwift.

I also understand that developing say a Mont Ventoux-type climb in Zwift would take a lot of time/money/resource and in reality be something only a small percentage of Zwifters would actually ride (more than once)…

So, instead, how about adding a turn at the top of the Watopia KOM that leads in to a teleport, which exits the rider immediately at the foot of the climb.

Such a mechanism would not only provide the ability to climb laps of the Watopia mountain, without having to do the descent (hence be good for long climb training), but it would also add to the “gamification” (is that a word?) of Zwift…  I also suspect this could be a relatively low cost addition to the platform.


Excellent suggestion ! I would definitely like this as well, training for the real climbs (Apls/Pyrenees/Dolomites) would become more realistic.

At some points in the course (I believe on the Volcano climb) you already have a Stargate ready for this, so just have it moved by the ‘digital’ workforce.


Fantastic idea!

I’m planning a trip to Maui next year to climb the mighty Haleakala a feature like this would be a great way to get 2-3 hrs of sustained climbing in.

Big thumbs up!


This would be the next best thing to actually putting in longer climbs.

Why don’t you make a workout that have a warm up then a 3 or 4 hour zone 5 block and than a short cool down, that way you can ride any route (world) and train for the hills. I would also suggest turning off ERG mode to make it more interesting.


I LOVE the Idea of a teleporter top of the Epic KOM.  Being able to do some long sustained climbs with no downhill break would be a very welcome addition for me.  A portal could be built into the downhill side of the KOM banner that would teleport you back to the beginning of the climb your were previously doing.  If you enter form the reverse side it transports you back to the start of that side.

Anyone know if this would make Strava Loose its marbles? Need to be able to look at the ride data in Strava after. 


Brilliant. It could just be a turn off at the top and !boom! you’re back at the bottom. Love the idea. I’d like it from the top to bottom of the _reverse_ epic kom because it’s a more consistent climb. I guess the game would know which direction you are heading, and could teleport accordingly.

Great idea, and it should be easy to implement !

I would love this. Riding up a hill and seeing the top in sight is much more fun than chasing coloured bars from a custom workout.

good idea i would also like this feature

This is a fantastic idea! Love it! 

That’s a great shout, i’m off to the Alps in May & would love to see a feature like this implemented!