Teleport = Instant (custom) Group Workout

I’ve discovered a way to make ZWIFT an even better training tool. We just need some faster robopacers, here’s why:

For interval workouts, Teleporting lets me jump between RPs, minute to minute. It’s like a 24/7 group workout, exactly tailored to what my coach wants me to do. (Teleport isn’t available during a Zwift workout, so I run the workout file on a bike computer)

On a VO2 training block, the 4.1 w/kg bot isn’t strong enough. Sometimes I’m the only rider, maybe others don’t know this handy and motivating trick for shorter, high-intensity interval training?

SO - how about some harder pacers and encouragement of using them, via teleporting, for HIIT type workouts?

It’s a blast and really effective!

Or you could have a workout bot that does the workout by hitting the specified wattage and you have to chase it! This could be an alternative to ERG, and you would do it in free ride mode (or not, I guess). Just a thought.