Robopartner Intervals

A built-in option of teleporting between 2 Robopace partners simulating interval training example:
5 min with Miguel at 1.8 watts per kilo followed by 20min with Coco at 2.6 watts per kilo. This is for people that can’t do solo training plans because of the lack of socializing and its just too boring.
An automated teleport happens between the 2 Robopace Partners.

I’ve heard suggestions of someone wanting a workout set up to simulate a race (with robots pushing the pace for different sections so you’re going against bots/other people rather than a number). This would sort of do the same thing. The trick is that what the intervals would require different bots for different people, but I think this is a cool idea. Maybe some sort of generic bot workout where can put in which bots you want to join and how long and how many times. Sometimes, it might be too hard/easy if you get thrown in on a climb/descent, but its an interesting idea.

Hi Paul

Thank you for the response. Much, much, much appreciated.
The ride should theoretically only be on one route. I’ll choose 3 Little Sisters for argument sake. This will allow for seamless teleporting from one bot to another or just program a bot to do intervals at 5 minutes recovery and 10 minutes effort.

Another Idea
Coffee Break!!! brilliant feature but it could be better if on Robo Pacer rides I could choose between a Coffee Break or rejoining my group after I got dropped on a climb. The rule should be that I can only rejoin the group once I’ve cresed the climb. The thing is, it’s ok for me to sit with Coco for 45min then we go over a climb and I’m out the back. In real life my cycling friends will wait for me at the top but in Zwift my group ride is over.

Thanks for considering