Team MHG - Thanks for a great month

Hello and thank you to all of the runners in Team MHG. It was an incredible journey with Eddie as she ran to raise awareness for Make Humanity Great.

I really enjoyed running (behind) with everyone and getting to know you a little. It’s been wonderful pacing alongside for my weekday 5K and weekend 10k. I really hope to see you again on the road and give a “Ride on!”. Maybe we can do an occasional meetup or group run.

It’s been about 27 years (and 100 lbs) since I was a runner. I really destroyed my shins and knees back then. It’s only been the last year that I’ve been able to “run” without considerable pain.

I really wanted to see how far I could carry it on this the last day and missed my lofty target of 21.1km. I made it to 17.02km and my Apple Watch ran out of juice (should have charged it last night) and my blood glucose started dropping dangerously low. Both are back to healthy levels now.