Your fastest 5 k

Hey, I’m so thrilled that I’m doing final week of 8 week training for your fastest 5 k! It’s been lots of time on treadmill and lots of blisters on my feet. I’ve learned a ton about heart rate zone and realistic goals. Just wanted to relate with others.

Hello Linda,
great to have you here! I am sure you will like it. I am also using Zwift for running and cycling and together with Strava it is the perfect combination to stay motivated. Hope to see you on Strava. All the best to you and your running. You will see it will have a major effect on everything. I started unfit now I have finished a half marathon, marathon and got almost 5000km under my belt. It becomes your normal routine if you stick to it and believe it or not you will miss it if you cannot train after a while :wink:
Best wishes,