TDZ Stage 7

Still unable to book stage 7 ride due in 48hrs. Anyone got any values?

Stage 7 and 8 have been cancelled because of Covid-19 :slight_smile:


Is it Monday in the US yet? I hope the person who sets up the events isn’t unwell or has gone on holiday.

Holy Toledo! Apparently, Zwift HQ is fighting a rear guard action and hasn’t gotten around to it. As we have seen on this Forum, there have been a large number of problems on several fronts and working through those issues may have diverted attention away from posting up TdZ Stage 7. It’s not listed on at all…


Phew! Thought I was only one unable to sign up to stage 7…

Yeah, was looking for info on that, too…

TDZ Stages 7 and 8 are available now for registration. Located them via

I still don’t see it

Please see:

And Stage 8 is here:

@shooj : notice a possibly leftover reference to stage 7 in the stage 8 description:

Cool. Stage Seven is gonna be live on Wednesday Morning. And now I gotta gripe: Really 2,3 or 4 laps of the Jungle Circuit? That’s the best Zwift could come up with for the dirt portion of the much vaunted Tour de Zwift? How 'bout Serpentine 8? Can you imagine 892 riders funneling through the wood tunnel and then riding the cliff? THAT woulda been epic.

Nope, more laps of The Jungle. At least we didn’t do more laps of Tempus this year…


Yup - I see what you’re showing me. The description on the actual stage 8 page is correct though. I wonder if it’s a cookie remnant in our browser caches?

Totally bummed Serpentine 8 isn’t the TdZ route for the Stage 7 Jungle Circuit. This is the Tour de Zwift event to show off the best of Zwift and they’re not using the new Serpentine 8 route? Lame.


Agreed. It’s making the ABC plan for this stage really really boring.

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