Tacx Vortex - Still Most Affordable Smart Trainer for Zwift?

(Steve Mallard) #1

So this winter I will finally dump TrainerRoad and move to Zwift. However, I want to also upgrade to a smart trainer to get the full Zwift experience.

Last time I checked, the Tacx Vortex seemed to be the popular choice as the best “bang for the buck” smart trainer for Zwift.

Is this still the case or is there something better out there now?

I know this is the time of year when new trainers get announced. Anything out there to supplant the Vortex? Has Tacx brought out anything new that means I might see some killer deals on the Vortex?


(Mark Hewitt) #2

Tacx now has the Tacx Flow Smart, available for £199 from Halfords in the UK. 6% rather than 7% slope on the Vortex but about £150 cheaper.

(Steve Mallard) #3

Great tip - thanks!

Product description says this is Windows PC-only. I run Zwift on a Mac.

Is this going to work?

(Mark Hewitt) #4

Where does it say that? No it’ll work fine on Mac you won’t even need an ant+ dongle

(Steve Mallard) #5

I think they’re talking about Tacx’s own software…that only runs on Windows. However, this is irrelevant if you’re planning to Zwift.