Tacx vortex RPM too slow

Today I rode again and paid attention to my RPM. It seems to be waaaaaay of where it should be… less than half at some times and single digits some times. I did a riders choice workout and i know that I can easily spin 100 with minimal effort. Today I could not get above 60.

Is this some setting or software setup issue? The low single digit RPMS were almost always on hill so I suspect it’s accurate for the geography or simulated terrain BUT why would I want that reported in a riders choice workout where the terrain had no impact on me.

Please help me get this software to accurately report cadence.

It is recommended that you use an external cadence sensor. Getting your cadence from the trainer is an estimate at best.

Recommend Paul’s advice.

You may want to try dropping the trainer difficulty as an experiment too :slight_smile:

Ride On!

 have this problem too, please don’t assume we are all Bike tech experienced, please expand on external cadence sensor with a view to direct us to a manufacturer or specific device which in your experience is suitable. thanks for your support. 


Here is a link for some Wahoo devices: https://www.wahoofitness.com/devices/bike-sensors

I have a thread open else where in here saying I’m getting odd / laggy cadence figures from my bluetooth powermeter via the mobile link app.


mobile link can show me doing 50 or so rpm when my legs are spinning like crazy. If I open the 4iiii app on my phone (power meter supplier) the cadence figure is more believable