Tacx Vortex love affair has ended

Tacx vortex, personally I would not even bother.

I have had my Vortex for a a year and a half. Within the first 3 months the trainer developed a loud clicking noise at low levels of cadence. 

I went through the Tacx help line and after I sent in a video of the trainer making the noise they sent a replacement mid part with no questions asked. I should have asked for my money back there and then!!

As there was no obvious performance problem with the trainer (only noise) I did not change the midpart until well after the 1 year warranty was up. I was sent a you tube video of how to change the midpart which I followed.

On changing the midpart and plunging the unit back in everything seemed fine and started my workout. Halfway through the Zwift beasting a hell of a noise came out of the trainer, like there was 2 walnuts getting crunched up inside the trainer.

On opening the trainer all the fuses and components of the motherboard had been striped off.

I have contacted Tacx to state my case indicating if the trainer was 100% in the first place this would not have happen.

Tacx reply: you can always buy a new motherboard.

My money will not be going on any Tacx equipment, ever.

Very poor show, I think.

I too was once an unhappy Tacx customer.  I had a Vortex and just shy of a year it developed noises.  It was sent back and the bearings replaced.  1 year later the same so it went back under warranty (you get 2 years in the EU).  Bearings replaced.  Came back not repaired so went straight back to which they claimed there was not fault but gave it “a service”.  When it returned it was magically working.  I’ve upgraded to a Neo which although is a Tacx product appears to be less problematic. 

The clicking noise you talk of is well documented amongst Vortex,Bushido owners.


Same problem. Swapped for a Neo and everything perfect for over 2000km. 

Hummmm… a bit concerned reading this… Have acquired a Tacx flow a few weeks ago. It does make a bit of noise, but my guess was that any trainer was doing noise.

Will have to be careful then and attention to the noise in the future rides.

(note: have done approx.450km on Zwift and Tacx so far. Is the noise related to the distance made? or the speed? or both? or is it rubbish either way?)…