Tacx neo 2t vs smart spin bike

Seems I am not a latent cycling super talent. IC9 spin bike my FTP tested 320 and I powered up mountains and made it to the B level. My husband, who is into physics said I was assisted by the 50 lb front flywheel and bad calibration. I walked around feeling badass until I tried his Tacx. Definitely notice the difference in forward momentum w/spin bike it carries your foot forward. Following forum advice here I factory reset Tacx to make sure it was set up correctly and let me tell you: HUGE HUGE difference. Now my FTP test 130 and I bonk during 60 min social ride. Sticking with husband’s Tacx it seems way more accurate but checking in am I missing anything?

This is normal. Spin bikes are completely inaccurate as there is no power meter. The Tacx Neo 2T on the other hand is regarded as one the most accurate trainers.