Tacx Neo 2T and Campagnolo 12 Speed

Curious how many others out there use this combination? If you do or have, perhaps you’ve noticed that - even though you purchased the Campy-specific Tacx freewheel hub (T2875-51) - your chain and sprockets just don’t quite mesh.

Sound familiar?

This was driving me nuts and compelled a deep dive. What I discovered; even though the above referenced FWH accommodates the 12 sprocket cassette, the hub configuration is just a fraction off, with the net result being that the first (smallest) sprocket is offset 0.5 mm inboard (towards the spokes/flywheel) on the trainer relative to my Bora One 35 wheel. May not sound like much, but trust me - on a 12 speed chain it makes a big difference.

This design incompatibility has been brought to Garmin’s attention and elicited the proffered solution - your only option is to adjust the derailleur to compensate. Of course, if you regularly switch between real and virtual worlds, this is a cumbersome and unsatisfactory solution.

I offered a FWH re-design solution to Garmin, but they seem not to care too much for deploying it. Furthermore, they are unwilling to engineer a one-off to my specifications and they will not release the design specifications because they claim proprietary technologies. So I have been left to my own devices - which I am pursuing.

Bottom line - are you a die-hard Campagnolo rider (with 12 x 2 Gruppo) thinking about purchasing a smart trainer? My personal advice would be to think twice when considering the Tacx Neo 2T. But I do think it would be interesting to hear from others out there with a similar configuration - have you noticed a similar issue?

Finally, because it will no doubt be asked:

Colnago C40 (130 mm drops)
Campagnolo Chorus 12 x 2 group set (11-32 cassette with 36/50 compact)
Campagnolo 12S chain
Bora One 35 wheel (both wheel and trainer have identical 11-32 Campy Chorus cassettes installed)

Thanks for reading. Hopefully this will help all of us.