Tacx Neo 2T and Campagnolo 12 Speed

Curious how many others out there use this combination? If you do or have, perhaps you’ve noticed that - even though you purchased the Campy-specific Tacx freewheel hub (T2875-51) - your chain and sprockets just don’t quite mesh.

Sound familiar?

This was driving me nuts and compelled a deep dive. What I discovered; even though the above referenced FWH accommodates the 12 sprocket cassette, the hub configuration is just a fraction off, with the net result being that the first (smallest) sprocket is offset 0.5 mm inboard (towards the spokes/flywheel) on the trainer relative to my Bora One 35 wheel. May not sound like much, but trust me - on a 12 speed chain it makes a big difference.

This design incompatibility has been brought to Garmin’s attention and elicited the proffered solution - your only option is to adjust the derailleur to compensate. Of course, if you regularly switch between real and virtual worlds, this is a cumbersome and unsatisfactory solution.

I offered a FWH re-design solution to Garmin, but they seem not to care too much for deploying it. Furthermore, they are unwilling to engineer a one-off to my specifications and they will not release the design specifications because they claim proprietary technologies. So I have been left to my own devices - which I am pursuing.

Bottom line - are you a die-hard Campagnolo rider (with 12 x 2 Gruppo) thinking about purchasing a smart trainer? My personal advice would be to think twice when considering the Tacx Neo 2T. But I do think it would be interesting to hear from others out there with a similar configuration - have you noticed a similar issue?

Finally, because it will no doubt be asked:

Colnago C40 (130 mm drops)
Campagnolo Chorus 12 x 2 group set (11-32 cassette with 36/50 compact)
Campagnolo 12S chain
Bora One 35 wheel (both wheel and trainer have identical 11-32 Campy Chorus cassettes installed)

Thanks for reading. Hopefully this will help all of us.

I will have this issue in a couple of months when my new bike is delivered with Campy 12 speed derailleur (and disc brakes). I was told by a cycling buddy, who’s a great mechanic, that if you mount a SRAM 12s cassette on the Tacx. Neo 2T it will work pretty well (and be much cheaper than getting the Campy specific core and cassette to use for the Tacx Neo 2T. It may not work so well with the end cogs, however. Have you heard of or tried this?

So I built a new bike for a customer that is running a Super Record EPS 12 group. Upon installing the cassette (11-29T) on his Tacx Neo 2T trainer I noticed that the cassette was actually coming in contact with the bolts that are on the flywheel of the trainer. It was the tabs on the backside of the cassette that were causing the issue. They are there to prevent the chain from getting jammed between the cassette and the spokes. Not sure is the 11-32T or 11-34T cassettes have the same interference issue, but the 11-29T cassettes does. After doing some research I came upon this thread that mentioned that the position of the cassette was off by .5mm compared to Campy Bora wheels. I installed a .5mm spacer and reinstalled the cassette. After everything was tightened down to spec, the cassette still was making the lightest bit of contact with the bolts on the flywheel. Since this Chorus cassette will only live on this trainer. I took my Dremel with an 80 grit sanding wheel and knocked down the tabs maybe .25mm. Reinstalled everything, checked for clearance, and then installed the bike on the trainer. Cassette now clears the bolts on the flywheel on the trainer, and the spacing matches the spacing on the Campy Bora WTO 33 DB Wheels. Disclaimer! This voids the warranty on your expensive Campagnolo 12 Spd cassette. Do this at your own risk. This particular modification worked in this circumstance, but I can guarantee it for other people. Here are some photos. The tabs aren’t perfect on the back since I did them by hand, but they have enough clearance to not cause any issue now.

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Not sure if you ever fixed your issue, but a friend is coming up on the same issue on their Neo… I have an original Neo, and the issue back then was the rear derailleur inner plate would rub the flywheel in the 39 and most upper cog combo… their solution was to install washers in the Neo behind the large inside washer, this would effectively push the entire freehub body away from neo…
Check this youtube video for more info…
youtube dot com/watch?v=LVUp3ou6cq4