Tacx and gears

I am new to this with a low level of knowledge on bikes :slight_smile: I have a Blue Matic Tacx and set it to L3. When I started on Zwift, I seemed to be going “too fast” and 2 people wrote I was cheating …!!! Am I supposed to adjust my bike gears to a certain level? And when there is a climb, is it best to change the broke gears or to change de resistance on Blue Matic? Thanks!

As long as you’ve selected that from the list of supported “classic trainers”, you should be good to go I believe. Usually when people are noticeably too fast it’s because they have selected the wrong trainer I think.

As for the climbs, do whatever you want. As it’s a classic trainer, you won’t automatically feel any resistance change, so you can just continue in the same gear and level if you want. If you want to simulate a hill yourself, increase the difficulty level - you might want to change gear as a result too.

You should not change the resistance on the Trainer, It should always be on the setting that Zwift suggested.


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