Surrey Hills Issues

First of all let me say that the new extended Surrey Hills section is a huge improvement to the London world.

That said, I can forgive you for your tenuous understanding of the distance between London Bridge and Boxhill, sketchy knowledge of British trees and plants , and I especially for the fact that you’ve change the main A24 to Dorking into a country road.

What I can’t forgive you for though is two things:

  1. When you turn left into Boxhill from the Leith Hill descent it doesn’t register on the KOM segment. It displays the leaderboard randomly half way up though…?
    You have zeppelins over the Surrey Hills! Zeppelins in Surrey and London or associated with the Nazis in World War II, and the Blitz! Probably not an association you looking for? How about some hot air balloons, you know the onesvwith baskets under them, there are loads of them around Surrey in the summer!

Keepthe new routes coming…

The blimps are clearly not Zeppelins.Plus Zeppelins were used by the Germans in the First World War. They should not be associated with the Blitz or Nazis

But I get your point on how some flora and fauna are incongruous for Surrey – particularly the fireflies.

Yeah, not keen on all the bugs… the winged legged variety.

Needs a few owls sat in trees hooting at passers by, the odd Kestrel hovering over a field.

Maybe a bit of roadkill? The odd squashed hedgehog or squirrel, you know just like on British roads.

Ok, maybe not the last suggestion! :) 

But the BoxHill KOM cockup needs sorting. Just change the KOM position slightly and reset the leaderboard. Bit of a bad oversight there…


Agree about the KOM issue, i was rather frustrated not to feature on the leaderboard after putting in a decent effort up Box. Alternative solution might be just to change the route, so it goes once around the roundabout, thereby crossing the usual KOM startline.