Superbowl Metric Century Challenge

(Cory Tomlinson) #1

As many, if not all, of you will know tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. And since the Super Bowl typically lasts for about 4 hours it seems like the perfect time to log at least a metric century on Zwift Island.

So who wants to replace their couch with their trainer in from of the big TV this year?

If there is enough interest then I might also suggest we meet as a group under the arch at kick off time for a lap together before everyone breaks into their own pace, or smaller groups for the remainder of the ride.

Or is this idea so silly that only a crazy Canadian would think of riding the trainer during the Super Bowl :wink:

(Allan Watkins) #2

Though I don’t know anything about that sport, you might be interseted in checking this out.

(Greg Woitzik) #3

Planning a 4 or so hr ride tomorrow morning starting at 8 eastern if your interested. Looks like there might be a few of us doing it.

(Ryan McLoughlin [Kreitler Racing]) #4

I’m currently out riding on zwift island, and will be doing a steady aerobic ride for the next 3 hours. Averaging 150-200w join in for a group ride!

(Peter McIntyre - ZBR) #5

All right, I’ll take the nerd bait. Super Bowl next week