Super heavy helmets for handicap racing

Some of the Japanese Zwifters used to have weight-adjusted handicap races.
The races were fun and popular with both sides, with high level amateurs carrying weights and beginners competing against each other. Other fun activities included group rides, where the riders could naturally match their abilities, and multi-team meet-up races, where everyone’s abilities could be equalized by increasing or decreasing their weight, could be easily realized.

However, in the last few years, there have been instances where accounts have been restricted (Watopian) due to frequent weight changes, and while we have managed to handicap people with equipment, it is difficult and counter-intuitive to adjust. (It’s hard to immediately answer whether a 4.5W/kg gravel bike or a 4.0W/kg Tron is stronger.)

So I would like to see a super heavy weight helmet, say 5kg, 10kg, or 20kg. It would be nice if the weight is written on the top in large letters, so that it is easy to understand. And of course, it can’t be used in official events.

I think it is a good thing that only the virtual world can allow beginners and experts to compete on equal terms by tweaking the parameters of the weight.

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Only thing I don’t like about heavier weights is downhill where the weight can give people advantages.

Maybe another solution would be the more powerful riders get more aero-drag so they have to push much more to go the same speed.

Kind of like how a Bugatti Chiron sports car in normal driving is around 0.39Cd while if you gently touch the brakes, the rear spoiler raises and it is 0.60Cd - the spoiler on its own has a big braking effect - it wrecks the aero and creates a lot of drag.

With more drag you’d have to work harder down hill. Even so there are still problems where in some scenario it wouldn’t work properly.

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