Super Common Feature Requests

…or parashoot mode😀

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Can we have…
Meetup that is open to all friends. And there are info how fast/hard ride mite be. People don’t know everybodys power outbut when inwiting and if inwited is that ride for me ätall​:face_with_monocle::yum:

This would be nice to add when creating meet ups.

Plus 1 on gradient change information. Even on a large-screen TV, I find it difficult sometimes to see what’s ahead, gradient-wise. It doesn’t help that sometimes I’m going left to right on the profile and at others, I’m going right to left. I got caught out the other day by the steep early ascent to The Radio Tower (I forgot that it starts quickly after a steep descent). At 100% difficulty, I almost (almost!) just couldn’t get the cranks to turn enough to change gears. I don’t need to see a profile for the next 5 miles (or whatever long distance it currently shows). The next 1,000 m would be enough to anticipate gear changes - and would be a clearer metric, visually.


I could use no draft mode, especially when i do my own free rides. When i do outdoor rides i always ride alone so no draft would be reality for me. But generally i don’t need any extra features anymore, Zwift is alteady full of ”gimmicks”, maybe too much, latest update is good example for that. I hope Zwift is not gonna go out of hands.

Use a TT bike and you won’t draft!

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TT bike draft other TT bikes but not a roadbikes. Offline ride is one way to prevent draft totally if you don’t like to ride with others.

NO. TT biked don’t draft any bike.


You are right, my bad.

Although they should in TTTs but that’s another topic.


Talking of gradients, the gradient info on running workouts is terrible. It only appears in a very small font and there’s no advance warning of what is coming next. Doing the ZA tri workout today was a unnecessarily awkward experience - it had a set of 15 second intervals with different gradients where there was no hint as to what was coming next! By the time you’ve read the screen, reacted, looked down to the buttons and effected a change, it’s pretty much time for the next one.

Putting gradient in the workout sidebar (where there is time and speed) would be an obvious improvement. And just making the font bigger too - what may be fine on a bicycle is much harder to read while running.

I searched but couldn’t find if anyone has requested this before - I would like to be able to hit a “lap” button just like I can on an outdoor ride even if I am not in a structured workout. I want to be able to analyze laps on strava/peaks after a ride rather than having to create laps in training peaks first.

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Lap Tool + WPKG Display & More Ideas

I found several requests for this feature, but this seems to be the first. Give it a vote!


I gave up waiting on Zwift to deliver, like many of the mentioned items in that original post. Zwift already has the ability to export lap information, you can see this when you do a workout, as well as output the information on screen (ftp tests). The ability is there, but the willingness to provide it, is not.

I eventually just started dual recording on an external head unit and use that as my lap tool. In some ways this actually works better, and in some other ways it’s not.

I’m have always been impressed by all the amazing ideas the community has suggested/conceived to Zwift for FREE, yet they have not taken and delivered on.


I like some workouts so much that i like to see feature that you just klick and that workout comes longer. Add more secments. I know you can make custom workouts but maybe this could be nice feature to have. When there is normal and longer…longer…not too long. Done

Reature on zwift forum.
What i am missing. 1) Coming zwift events. I watch zwift tube every week and pedal on zwift 2 to 5 times per week. And still most zwift events are started allready or gone. Can there be secment on top of the forum list that are not public commenting rather just zwift official ad about upcoming events. The first thing you see when opening the forum. In orange​:thinking::biking_man:t2::yum:

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Pretty short list of “implemented” feature requests to start off this thread.

Are we all just wasting our time in this part of the forum? Can we at least get some visibility into what’s on the roadmap?


I asked for the visibility and status of features that are selected for development Status of Feature Requests on this forum, and got the reply:

It is a bit meaningless to post feature requests if we don’t know if they are used for input when new features are designed or if they are read at all.
I haven’t seen any sign that the number of votes has any effect on their prioritization of work. “Save without Exit”, is a good example. That feature request was nearly as old as Zwift itself and got a lot of votes. It bubbled up to the top of the backlog 6 years after.

I’m optimistic by nature, and naive some would say, and like the idea that we (the users) can have an impact on the roadmap and contribute with ideas for new features.
I don’t care too much about if we don’t get feedback anymore. It is their loss if they don’t use the feature requests actively and listen to their users.


I think you have nailed everything yourself.

Basically, forum presence is a hobby for Zwift, and meaningful interaction is not going to happen - which is why I tend to visit the forums less and less (not to insult all the great guys around here!)

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I don’t find this to be accurate.