Super Common Feature Requests

Ok, badly put by me. I’ll guess your speed increases but it doesn’t affect the prescribed wattage for the interval. Since the wattage is the target and not the speed/ time on a stretch of road I’d like the option to just avoid crashing into other riders.

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Hi - is there anyway that the events filters can be improved; drop down boxes for certain established events, time period boxes so you can filter specific hours so that we don’t have to trawl through every hour of the day; I do the majority of my cycling between 16:00 and 20:00 so I only want to see these times not go through every available hour, every day. These two simple fixes would enhance the user experience making it far simpler and quicker.


WTaF…? There are tons of Custom teams jerseys, new ones all the time. Have been for years. Why is this feature being with withheld? PRO/Teams? ProVirtual Teams? UCI? Pro Continental? What sorta bribery is needed?

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On companion app you have a variety of filters including filtering on what your friends are participating in. Could you add another filter to show what you have personally signed up to event wise? Its difficult to identify the events you have signed up to without carfully scrolling through the numerous events and as more and more events start appearing this is becoming time consuming and a pain to do.

This is already available. See the attached screen shot where you can see your upcoming enrolled events. You can swipe left to cycle through and it will show you 4 or 5 of your events.

Wow fab thank you I really didnt realise even asked zwift on fb and they told me to post on here lol

Can you make runners slow down on inclines like cyclists. Quite disheartening and demoralising when you are pedal munching up a 12-15% incline, and the runner just breeze past you like leaves being blown in the wind. Thanks.


Can we have kumulativ calender about ones rides, mounthly and yearly km? #idontstrava

Pacing partner option for meetups. Would be more attractive to me than the stay together option that just rubber bands the group together. Host sets pace and everyone tries to keep up. Much more fun. Maybe could even allow host to change pace during ride for an interval style workout.


Can a comment section be added to meetups? Sometimes you only know people on Zwift and you want to explain why you don’t go to a meetup or ask an invite for the next time.

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This one needs its own thread. Would be super helpful to access settings, garage, badges, etc. without having to actually start a ride first.


There are already a few Feature Request for it, just do a search of the forums.

The companion app can now be used as the only source of data if the screen data is now hidden,
But why not use the companion app for extra data, timers, splits, averages… ( all selectable like my garmin computer, which I do use with Zwift for such data, but obviously not distance nor speed, which my wheel device measures “wrong” )