Suggestions buying an iPad

Hi there

Im going to buy an iPad this weekend. My bugdet just allow me to have 2 options:

  1. iPad Mini (5th generation) 64 GB - it appers in supported zwift list hardware
  2. iPad 10.2 (8th generation) 32GB - it doesnt appears in supported zwift list hardaware

all my sensors (trainer Bkool, HRM Garmin Pro, Wahoo cadence) are bluetooth. I ride just a few times also in Bkool software

Could you please help with pros/cons?

I think you need at least 64 GB to install and run zwift , the downside is that it’s small but will allow you to run the zwift game

The 64GB the OP id referring to is the storage size, and not the CPU architecture.

@CarlosEcheverry either will work fine, it basically comes down to screen size.

I wasn’t interacting with you or questioning anything you may have said so not sure why your responding to me

Because you were incorrect. The iPad 10.2 (8th Gen) 32 GB will work fine with Zwift. The 32 GB refers to the storage size not CPU architecture.

You are correct in saying the Zwift requires a 64bit to run.

What ever !! I did say I think just trying to be helpful

Sorry about my advice I did say “I think” I was just trying to be helpful I saw no one had responded to you for a long time . This guy telling me iam wrong usually shuts post down iam on so don’t really want to interact with him

Thanks Paul. How much storage size need Zwift to run under IOS?

Hey Carlos - checkout the specs Zwift have listed [here]. Whilst it doesnt specifically mention iPad storage, 4GB is highest even for an extreme MAC build so the 32GB iPad is ample.

iPad 8th generation 32 GB works fine.
Starts up in seconds, no limit on BT sensors, easy to use.
It’s ~$300.
Graphics are good, but if you cast it to a TV it doesn’t fill the entire screen.
Aside from being on a relatively small screen compared to Apple TV, there’s no real downside.

My iPad 7th Gen has jerky graphics on zwift my Samsung a42 phone has slight more ram and works perfectly with zwift