6th Gen iPad - performance

Hi All,

Just about to spring for a 6th Generation iPad Wondering what the performance will be like for large Zwift group rides. To be honest I’m just using with a non-smart trainer and power for now on my phone but want to run the same setup with a bigger screen, hence the iPad. I’ll also want to be able to upgrade to a smart trainer at some point soon.

Specs are

A10 Fusion chip
Bluetooth 4.2
9.7 Display
Wifi only

Thanks in advance

I cannot say for sure, but based on information in other threads here, the problematic iPads or iPhones are older models w/limited RAM (1GB).

Any specific reason you’ve settled on a 6th gen iPad? You could future proof yourself a bit w/one of the newer models. All of the other models (i.e., mini, Air, Pro) all have more RAM, more storage, and a cpu that is 2 generations newer. Granted, they all cost a bit more. Lastly, the rumour mill has the standard iPad and probably the iPad Pro getting refreshed before end of year :man_shrugging:

Thanks for your reply, it was really just down to cost to be honest. The iPad mini has a smaller display albeit only a little bit smaller - so I was weighing up performance, cost and screen size. I think you nailed my main concern…RAM.