Suddenly becomes slower on speed and power on zwift

Hello im a almost 3 week old zwift and having fun with it (hitting good sprint times, etc) until a few days ago when my zwift started acting up. Power and rpm drop ( i cant even do a freewheel on descend and it will suddenly stop as rpm turn so fast to 0)

Power from hitting an average of at least 160-178 w per ride now i cant even push to because of power drops i wish i can upload a video of the test but it wont allow me.

Trainer : wahoo snap running zwift in Apple tv 4k

Ps: i tried testing it in pc with ant to check of its the connection but im getting the same results

I also tried spindown on my wahoo app and zwift spindown and it seems fine.

Just in game when starting my workout it will
boost power for the normal watts i use to do for 5-7 seconds then will drop to 40-50 watts and rpm drop too.

Any help would be appreciated ty