Subscription question

 I am using Zwift currently because the weather here is not good for riding in the early morning. My son provided me with an indoor hookup for my bicycle and introduced me to Zwift. Since I would probably use Zwift only during the winter can I subscribe on a monthly basis or is a long term agreement required?

Monthly is $10 or you can buy yourself a 3 month gift certificate here:

There is no long term agreement, you can cancel at any time and come back and startup your account again.

I did this - it came in email - how to apply it?



ok will do - but in a mix up?  I was cut (free trial died 2 miles from 18 miles race). I tried to paypal 10.00 to keep it going to finish the race.  I believe I did. Though race seemed to be over anyway for me = (

Now I login and it say  “FREE TRIAL 30 days”  I suspect this is my 30 days (10.00) paid why does it say free trial?


Have a 12 month subscription and can’t use it at the moment. Had to buy a month through Apple to ride this morning.

Also need to change my email.