1 day zwift login instead of monthly subscription

When the weather gets better most people stop the zwift subscription and ride outside. Why pay 15€/ month when not using it.
But sometimes when the weather is bad you want to use zwift but you don’t because you don’t want to pay a month and use it 1 or 2 times.
Please make it possible to get a 1 day zwift entry for 2€ when you want. Everybody benefits.

Thanks Bart

I think this would be a very good idea. Currently you get 25km free each month whilst not paying and I wouldn’t want to lose this if a 1 day login was introduced. I’d also like to see the option of an annual membership at a cost of around 9 months standard membership - I will currently subscribe for 7-8 months a year so this would cost me more, but would be worthwhile to give access in the Summer in bad weather.

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Why no payment like any other site I know?

You pay 15€ für 30 days (or more for more days).
These 30 days run like normal, 1 day is like 1 day.
But here’s the difference: You can pause your account.

For example, you have 17days left on 1st of May. You press pause in your account.
Your ride in RL, the weather on 25th May is bad. You unpress pause and ride in Zwift.
Weather in 26th May is better, you press pause and ride in RL.
If you decide to ride in Zwift on 4th July, you still have 16 days left…
Hope you understand me?

And please payment per Amazonpay or something better than paypal.


Very good idea.
Everybody will like it.
ZWIFT- make this option available and you will see how many zwifters will use it.




If you want Zwift to go bankrupt this is an amazing idea!


Yeah I’m struggling to see the upside for Zwift here tbh :man_shrugging:

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You do realize that the cost of a 1 day pass would not be ($15 per month, divided by 30 days=50cents!)

If they actually did offer 1 day pricing, it’d be high enough to make sure you bought monthly instead.

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Like $5 per use. :rofl:

Pay $15 for a one day pass, and come back and play all you want for the rest of the month for free.


Man that sounds like a bargain. I would pay that every month… :upside_down_face::joy:


I agree. I don’t use Zwift but have another subscription for my training.

I’d be looking to pay $5?? to be able to do a race on my off weeks? Or on a day i can’t get out due to the weather.

Maybe i’d really like Zwift and change over? Zwift wont go broke doing this. Most would do a monthly pass. They may pick up some extra users.

Or maybe a 5 day pass?

The subscription model literally is a monthly pass.

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