Pay as you go

I completed a short trail with Zwift and I enjoyed the race I participated in. I live in the UK and summer is just around the corner; as such I won’t be on my indoor trainer for much of the next 5 months.

I do however want the opportunity to jump onto Zwift if I cannot get out, but don’t want to pay the monthly fee.

Are Zwift considering a pay as you go option? I.e. If there is a specific event I’d like to participate in, a fee of circa £2.50 could be charged. This would help the casual rider and I suspect improve Zwift’s revenue.

As races are stand alone from actual zwift access i don’t think they could easily tie the zwift and race access together. However i see nothing wrong with a single per day charge being available.

As you say summer is here (north of the equator) so zwifting is going to be minimal. Cancelling the monthy charge makes economical sense for many users but access on that mid-summer stormy day with a one day pass would be good.

Another option would be a credit system. You could choose to suspend monthly and pay as you go, top up your account and then each day of use takes some credit off.


As a footnote we are still waiting for the annual subscription option in the UK… sigh.

Wonder how this pay-as-you-go option would work. Taking my bike off trainer May 1st come up if I suspend my account until poor weather will I lose my jerseys, other current status. Also, how could I talk my account and then use up some credit for each day of use?. Thanks

Well we are not talking big bucks here. 15 USD for the new riders and 10USD for the grandfathered riders until the end of November (i believe) is not the killer. If you go to the gym you pay way more to stay fit.

I think pay as you go will make it way more difficult for Zwift, specially revenue wise as you cannot budget correctly. I don’t see that coming anytime soon.

We are indeed working to expand our membership options, but for now, if you just plan to ride intermittently, you might benefit from utilizing the 25km free we offer each month!

This is often a good option if you’re unsure about subscribing, or if you’re awaiting next season’s colder months to really get into training indoors.

Ride On :slight_smile: