Stuck ! - the Save & Exit button not working

After my ride this morning through glorious Central Park, I ended the ride and when I clicked on the “Save & Exit” button, it it just continued with the “waiting” but doesn’t actually exit. I thought to try and restart my Mac air, but the Zwift program prevents from this - I haven’t tried “discarding” my workout as I’d love to keep it as I’ve just got started! Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

Were you perhaps riding an event that wasn’t finished yet? I’ve had that happen and had to quit the event first before it would let me save and exit.

Hi Mike - Thanks for the feedback - I had finished the ride, so I did a software update on my Mac Air, but I’m still having issues. Now the “running processes” page opens up and runs the the opening process, then it opens Zwift. Once I finished, like this morning after my Ramp test, it quits on it’s own! Perhaps I should uninstall Zwift, and then reinstall? Hopefully this won’t delete my history. I should post this in the forum too!